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Hotel Pool

Elevate Guest Experience

Streamline service.  Enhance satisfaction.  Boost profits.

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The future is today

Everyone wants to improve customer experience and lots of gurus offer advice, but we focus on research and consumer psychology to make simple and inviting tools that genuinely help consumers get the most out of their interactions and see value in your business: this is what drives growth.


Browse and Explore

Guests scan a QR code to view an intuitive menu complete with professional photographs and customizable sections.


Upsell and Grow

Increase the average order size and turbo-charge growth with upsells and customized recommendations.  When a round of drinks is a click away, there's always time for one more.


Order and Pay

Forget about rushing to take drink orders: guests can order to their table, hotel room, or poolside lounger without staff involvement.  


Data is king

Collect invaluable data about all aspects of the process including item views and orders to optimize operations and provide a customized experience for future visits.

Taking an Order

Streamline operations

with seamless ordering

  • Simple, intuitive interface.  Easy to use for guests and staff.

  • Guests can order immediately without waiting. 

  • Faster service and turnover, fewer bottlenecks, efficient use of manpower

  • Order notification instantly dispatched to kitchen, bar, etc for fulfillment.
  • Guests can call staff with the click of a button.

Increase revenue

while reducing costs

  • Update menu and pricing with a click (or on a schedule)

  • Increase order size with automated suggestions and upsells

  • Save on expensive menu design and printing

  • Reduce the barrier to order in casual environments (e.g. poolside, beach chairs, entertainment center)

  • One-click 'report a problem' to improve service recovery

Outdoor Seating

Build loyalty

and create long term relationships

  • Collect customer contact information for order tracking

  • Learn preferences to customize service

  • Follow up to collect feedback, offer return discounts, etc.

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Hotel Reception



  1. QR code-linked digital menu 

  2. Online ordering and order management dashboard

  3. Dynamic menu management

  4. Multilingual support

  5. Telegram/WhatsApp based notifications

  6. Cloud hosting, connect to your





  1. All features of Basic

  2. Order lifecycle management

  3. Summary Reports

  4. Enhanced menu options (e.g. pricing by time or day)

  5. Collect customer info

  6. Unlimited menu items and orders

  7. Manual menu backup





  1. All features of Standard

  2. Enhanced reporting

  3. Basic upsells

  4. Automatic full database cloud backups





  1. All features of Premium

  2. Auto-order routing to multiple destinations (kitchen, bar)

  3. Fulfillment tracking by item

  4. Accounting and payment integrations





  1. All features of Platinum

  2. Multiple locations and brands

  3. Cross restaurant and brand customer management

  4. Smart upsells and customer profiles

  5. White label

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